New Year, New Beginnings

Here I am, opening a new blog. What in the devil's name am I going to write about?

I suppose I could do a quick intro:

I've been blogging since November 2005. I stopped that blog recently when I found that it was no longer doing it for me. I'm not sure if it wasn't too family-oriented.

Too personal.

Too angsty and puke on the page.

Too many relatives reading it.

There was pathos! There was waxing on and on about frustrated ambitions! There were many posts about my first world problems! (the day job! public transportation woes! children who refuse to wear clothes that don't have holes in them!)

Quite frankly, it was getting on my nerves.

I'd been considering starting a new blog for some time. Something more in tune with my interests rather than my life (because holy god, EVERYBODY struggles so why should my belly button be more interesting?).

I decided that I wanted (and needed!) to document what I was getting accomplished, rather than what I felt like I wasn't getting done because of whatever reason (see first world problems here above).

So. What are my interests?


Oh so many. So many that sometimes my brain gets confused. In fact, there are times when I'm like, "Hey girl! Pick ONE and run with it! You'll be a superstar!" And then something shiny will grab my attention (hence the Hopping Blackbird; always flitting from one thing to the next).

For example (ie, as of today):

I draw and paint. I've even been published! (Though I must confess to fears that it was a complete and utter fluke of nature) I have a portfolio online here if you're interested in perusing.

I knit and crochet. I'm also working on patterns.

I'm learning to dye yarn.

I'd like to learn to spin.

I'm learning to sew (so far my crowning accomplishment is a bizarre bunny).

Sculpting (clay) and mosaics hold a faint siren's call to me.

I read.

I write (slowly. Very very slowly. Seriously, so slowly, I shouldn't talk about it though it does take up room in my little skull).

Other things that you may find of interest:

Originally from Canada, I live in France. But despite how cool that may sound, I'm not really an expat blogger because the language and cultural differences? I'm so not there anymore.

Now? North America confuses me.

I'm married and have 2.5 kids. (Kid 3 is due in early May 2010).

I'm not a saint (vulgarity can be a friend!), I watch way too much telly (I'm a knitter!), have a penchant for potato chips (though I wish I could find spicy ones here in France) and have grudgingly decided that I may as well start to appreciate French variety shows (because you never know when a goat circus trainer is going to pop up. True story.).


6 comment(s):

Andrea (@shutterbitch) said...
January 14, 2010 at 7:57 AM

Hello! Here's to cheering on a multitude of interests and future accomplishments!

JChevais said...
January 19, 2010 at 2:41 AM

Youse guys are the best!

The Pliers said...
February 18, 2010 at 7:17 PM

The mystery of knitting socks, even darning them, is akin to the mystery of conception, gestation, and birth where I come from. How timely!

Bravo on the new site.

I love the banner, title, and decor. It looks very cool!

Magic27 said...
February 19, 2010 at 3:55 PM

Glad to find you again! And I so hear you about not being an expat blogger (though I barely blog at all to be honest - too much heavy stuff going on right now); I've lived in France since 1992 and feel as at home here as in Britain...
Love the new blog, you may even inspire me to start being craftsy myself (assuming I ever have the time of course)!

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