A Hankering

Lately, I've had this crazy idea of learning to dye yarn (also, doing it so wonderfully that I start a business, get famous, go touring and have groupies. I'm nothing if not realistic.).

Of course the first step is learning how to actually do it, and since I didn't want to contaminate my house with chemicals (at least right away), I decided to beg my mom for koolaid. I've never seen koolaid in France. After using it as a permanant dye, I wonder why.

I also begged the internet to cough up some reasonably priced undyed yarn. That ships to the European continent. This took ages.

Finally, all the chips were in place and my hankering to dye hanks of yarn could finally be put into practice.

I took a hank of Australian Merino and placed it in the pot of water. I wanted a mostly blue but varigated cherry colorway. This is not what I got. It started out ok. Sorta:

First batch to dye for

And then the Cherry started encroaching on the blue and I was all, argh! More blue! More koolaid in the pot!

Despite adding more, I was forced to watch as the Cherry spread. Mocking my efforts with surprising ease.

This is when my son came into the kitchen, "What's for dinner?" He looked in the pot and recoiled. His body totally said WTF is that?

I could hardly blame him. It looked as though Hannibal Lector had been experimenting with various odds and ends in my kitchen:

First batch

With my second batch, I tried to just do a varigation of reds by holding half the skein out of the pot until the last minute but it still required a lot more packages of koolaid than I was bargaining for. And my colours aren't particularily deep (though they smell quite yummy).

I hereby give you the results of my labours:

Brains colorway

Brains colorway

Hemophelia colorway

Hemophelia colorway

I think the names of the colorways give the experience a satisfying je ne sais quoi...

Don't you?

2 comment(s):

Alison said...
February 26, 2010 at 9:04 PM

I think they look really good!

Andrea (@shutterbitch) said...
March 1, 2010 at 7:34 AM

Pretty! So you didn't get the blue quite right. It's a learning experience, right?

I'm still trying to get a good deep black cherry red.

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