FO: Hexagon Blanket

Hexagon blankie

FO: Hexagon Blankie
Yardage: Leftovers
Designer: Me, I guess. But not really. The granny square tradition goes back to the stone age, right? I just took the initial hexagon and kept going around and around and around
Baby: Definitely a co-creator...

A few years ago, my Grandma handed me a box of white yarn from a Mary Maxim catalogue and said 'This is your wedding afghan. You'll have to make it yourself.'

Um. Thanks. I'd been married over 6 years when I received the box. She told me that she had tried to find someone to knit it for her cause 'she don't see so good anymore' but had had no luck.

Most of the people she knew 'didn't see so good'.

It was a fabulous winter-in-a-drafty-house project but when I finished I found myself with two extra balls. A surprise pregnancy later, I'm pleased to say that they've finally found a home - along with a couple of purple balls I found in a local cheapo yarn shop to make the blankie bigger.

Right now, Léna couldn't give a toss about this blanket, but I'm hoping it'll be important to her later.

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