FO: Nutkin socks

FO: Nutkin socks
Designer: dunno. Nutkin socks found on
Yarn: Shibui yarn. 2 x 186 yards

Likes: Long walks on the beach, the cable look without actually doing cables.

Dislikes: People who use their cell phones as boomboxes in the streets, Short row heels.

OMG. I must have eaten a bowl of braindead the morning I started the heel. I just couldn't get my head around it. I looked all over the internet. Nothing made sense. So, my heels are... Odd.

When I got to the toe, I didn't even bother with a short row toe (cause I'm a chicken). No, I did a wedge toe.

Had a little trouble remembering how I did the first heel when I needed to do the second, but I think I hid my ignorance well.

I'm not sure if I'm keen on how the Shibui knit up. I really wasn't expecting spirally blocks of color.

Gotta go, my model is 'in a mood'.

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