Haapsalu Sall

Yes. You are allowed to squee:

It took a month for it to be delivered and everyone at the office made fun of me (coz knitting is for grannies, right?), but I finally received my Haapsalu Sall. I ordered it directly from the publisher Apollo and with shipping, it cost about 465 EEKs (which is a hella fun to say).

I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't be able to understand a damn thing in it, but surprise! the stitches had an English explanation! Yay!

However, that said, it's a pity that almost the entire first part of the book is in untranslated Estonian and if my imagination serves me correctly, there seems to be a lot of history being told about Haapsalu's shawl and how it became an integral part of this Estonian coastal town's heritage.

The second part of the book is all stitch library, all the time.

The book in itself is absolutely gorgeous. It's oversize, it's hardcover, it's pristine and it just makes you want to pour over it. To soak it all up. To try things out. To explore.

So that's what I'm going to do. Explore. Try things out. I have a shawl idea in mind, so I'm going to try and make it work.

(AND, I should also put up pics of the shawls I've done lately (I'm in a shawl wormhole at the moment, after having done Laminaria, Percy, Deep Forest and Taj Mahal - Though I'm rather annoyed at Taj Mahal to be honest. The last chart (the fifth) didn't mesh with the fourth for me (no idea what went wrong because all my stitches were perfect til then when using the charts rather than the knitted instructions) so I've had to improvise. I wouldn't be so annoyed but I paid for that pattern. So whatever. I had to improvise the end of Deep Forest too (another paid-for pattern) but at least I only had to improvise a few rows and those rows were topside so the rows were really short. Gah.)

ANYWAY! Will keep you posted.

I'm feeling really good about the designing a shawl thing.

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