Haapsalu Sall

Yes. You are allowed to squee:

It took a month for it to be delivered and everyone at the office made fun of me (coz knitting is for grannies, right?), but I finally received my Haapsalu Sall. I ordered it directly from the publisher Apollo and with shipping, it cost about 465 EEKs (which is a hella fun to say).

I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't be able to understand a damn thing in it, but surprise! the stitches had an English explanation! Yay!

However, that said, it's a pity that almost the entire first part of the book is in untranslated Estonian and if my imagination serves me correctly, there seems to be a lot of history being told about Haapsalu's shawl and how it became an integral part of this Estonian coastal town's heritage.

The second part of the book is all stitch library, all the time.

The book in itself is absolutely gorgeous. It's oversize, it's hardcover, it's pristine and it just makes you want to pour over it. To soak it all up. To try things out. To explore.

So that's what I'm going to do. Explore. Try things out. I have a shawl idea in mind, so I'm going to try and make it work.

(AND, I should also put up pics of the shawls I've done lately (I'm in a shawl wormhole at the moment, after having done Laminaria, Percy, Deep Forest and Taj Mahal - Though I'm rather annoyed at Taj Mahal to be honest. The last chart (the fifth) didn't mesh with the fourth for me (no idea what went wrong because all my stitches were perfect til then when using the charts rather than the knitted instructions) so I've had to improvise. I wouldn't be so annoyed but I paid for that pattern. So whatever. I had to improvise the end of Deep Forest too (another paid-for pattern) but at least I only had to improvise a few rows and those rows were topside so the rows were really short. Gah.)

ANYWAY! Will keep you posted.

I'm feeling really good about the designing a shawl thing.

Preparing for "Kiss"mas

Ok, ok. I know I've been remiss in updating this lil' blog. I assure you that I've been productive.

I've been knitting but not taking pictures. Just finishing, casting off and casting on again.

I've also been drawing a bit. The drawing bug has been haunting me. Calling me. But I'm having a hard time concentrating on it. Taking it seriously. Figuring out what to do: paint "seriously" and if so, what of, or make cutesy illustrations... ?

I dunno. And yes, I do realise that I'm over analysing. I just had a baby. I'm supposed to be a complete flake.

I did manage to wrestle myself to the ground and get this Xmas card done though:

If you are so inclined, you can order your own via zazzle. I get royalties! Go buy! Go NOW!

I kid.


My mom made the comment that when you say "Kiss"mas out loud it sort of sounds like "Kiss my a..."

Seriously, you need cards that make you LAUGH OUT LOUD like I did when she mentioned that.



FO: Damson (I think this is the pattern name. I know! Breaking the cardinal rule of knitblogging: knowing what the hell you're doing!)
Designer: Ysolda Teague (Whimsical Little Knits 2)
Yarn: Phildar Lambswool in Ardoise Colorway - 440 yards (ish)

OMG. I'll be the first to admit that the photo for this shawl is TERRIBLE! Cringe worthy! Dire! Not worth posting!

I know. BUT. I'm trying to build a record here of things I've done and I remembered at the last minute, after giving this shawl to a friend who has been AWESOME since baby Léna was born (lending me stuff but also taxiing my older daughter to synchro swimming and back), that I hadn't yet photographed it.

(and baby Léna was getting her scream on so I had to take a picture fast)

A lovely knit! The recipient swooned! It was quick to knit! Everybody wins!

Except you, dear reader. That pic is a hella bad. I'll do better next time.

Pinky swear.

FO: Nutkin socks

FO: Nutkin socks
Designer: dunno. Nutkin socks found on Knitzi.com
Yarn: Shibui yarn. 2 x 186 yards

Likes: Long walks on the beach, the cable look without actually doing cables.

Dislikes: People who use their cell phones as boomboxes in the streets, Short row heels.

OMG. I must have eaten a bowl of braindead the morning I started the heel. I just couldn't get my head around it. I looked all over the internet. Nothing made sense. So, my heels are... Odd.

When I got to the toe, I didn't even bother with a short row toe (cause I'm a chicken). No, I did a wedge toe.

Had a little trouble remembering how I did the first heel when I needed to do the second, but I think I hid my ignorance well.

I'm not sure if I'm keen on how the Shibui knit up. I really wasn't expecting spirally blocks of color.

Gotta go, my model is 'in a mood'.

FO: Hexagon Blanket

Hexagon blankie

FO: Hexagon Blankie
Yardage: Leftovers
Designer: Me, I guess. But not really. The granny square tradition goes back to the stone age, right? I just took the initial hexagon and kept going around and around and around
Baby: Definitely a co-creator...

A few years ago, my Grandma handed me a box of white yarn from a Mary Maxim catalogue and said 'This is your wedding afghan. You'll have to make it yourself.'

Um. Thanks. I'd been married over 6 years when I received the box. She told me that she had tried to find someone to knit it for her cause 'she don't see so good anymore' but had had no luck.

Most of the people she knew 'didn't see so good'.

It was a fabulous winter-in-a-drafty-house project but when I finished I found myself with two extra balls. A surprise pregnancy later, I'm pleased to say that they've finally found a home - along with a couple of purple balls I found in a local cheapo yarn shop to make the blankie bigger.

Right now, Léna couldn't give a toss about this blanket, but I'm hoping it'll be important to her later.

FO: Rick the Sock

FO: Rick the sock
Pattern Designer: Cookie A
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden's Broken Dreams (yardage: 400 yards)

Finally! I finished the second sock! And mirrored, I only restarted parts of the second sock a couple of times!


And happily, it appears that it was the pregnancy that made my feet feel like trussed sausages.

Double Win!


Does this app work?

How about that? A blog application for the iphone. I may actually start blogging again (or maybe hell has frozen over?).


Now that baby Léna is born (April 25th) I don't anticipate that I'll have more time on my hands but perhaps I'll be more prone to blog during feedings in the middle of the night. I'm the awesome when it comes to typing one handed on this little device.

I have actually done some knitting since my last post. I finished the 2nd Rick the Sock (there were no deaths in the making of the second sock), crocheted a hexagon blankie for Léna out of some extra balls of the wedding afghan that my Grandma got me (that I ended up knitting 7 years after she bought the kit) and a little cardie and booties for the wee one.

None of which have I had the wherewithal to take pictures of yet. Because I'm proactive like that...

I suppose that I should go. Daughter 1 is putting up a stink over imagined grievances... Apparently we all hate her. (Especially me. Woot!) Daughter 2 is zenning in my arms between feedings. Son is asking me what's for dinner.

Three kids. WTF was I thinking?

That said, all of them are blessings.

Though Daughter 1 sometimes makes me wonder. She just told me that I'm a lousy mom because I don't care that her brother injured her 'spinal column'.

Sigh. Unfortunately one isn't allowed to sell kids to the circus anymore.


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