FO: Rick the Sock

FO: Rick the sock
Pattern Designer: Cookie A
Yarn: Zen Yarn Garden's Broken Dreams (yardage: 400 yards)

Finally! I finished the second sock! And mirrored, I only restarted parts of the second sock a couple of times!


And happily, it appears that it was the pregnancy that made my feet feel like trussed sausages.

Double Win!


Does this app work?

How about that? A blog application for the iphone. I may actually start blogging again (or maybe hell has frozen over?).


Now that baby Léna is born (April 25th) I don't anticipate that I'll have more time on my hands but perhaps I'll be more prone to blog during feedings in the middle of the night. I'm the awesome when it comes to typing one handed on this little device.

I have actually done some knitting since my last post. I finished the 2nd Rick the Sock (there were no deaths in the making of the second sock), crocheted a hexagon blankie for Léna out of some extra balls of the wedding afghan that my Grandma got me (that I ended up knitting 7 years after she bought the kit) and a little cardie and booties for the wee one.

None of which have I had the wherewithal to take pictures of yet. Because I'm proactive like that...

I suppose that I should go. Daughter 1 is putting up a stink over imagined grievances... Apparently we all hate her. (Especially me. Woot!) Daughter 2 is zenning in my arms between feedings. Son is asking me what's for dinner.

Three kids. WTF was I thinking?

That said, all of them are blessings.

Though Daughter 1 sometimes makes me wonder. She just told me that I'm a lousy mom because I don't care that her brother injured her 'spinal column'.

Sigh. Unfortunately one isn't allowed to sell kids to the circus anymore.


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